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The Habitat Store was closed
due to storm damage Friday, January 10

Grand Re-Opening!

The entire Store will be re-opening Saturday, March 22 for 'sales as usual'.

BUT WAIT!! There's more!

Come in for our 'AWESOME MOVING HOME SALE' of 20% off furniture!
(some exclusions may apply)


So come in and find the hidden treasure that awaits you here at the Skagit Habitat Store!

We also would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and patience during this time. We truly appreciate all of you, our loyal customers!

See you at The Store!!


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36 Twenty+3 Dinner at 13moons Restaurant, Swinomish Casino and Lodge

Thank you to all of those who came and supported Skagit Habitat for Humanity on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 13moons Restaurant at the Swinomish Casino and Lodge. We raised over $35,000 because of the amazing turn out and generosity of all those who took on the task of Table Captains to ensure that our seats were filled!

Our biggest thanks go to Shell Puget Sound Refinery for sponsoring and underwriting the cost of meals for the evening's event, as well as our sponsor Fred Meyer in Burlington. We also could not have done it without our man of the night Pat Grant of Avid Auction. And of course the night would have never happened if it wasn't for The 36 Twenty + 3 Team: Olivia Cornwell (chairperson), Teresa Pugh (Executive Director, Skagit Habitat for Humanity), Sherri Benedict (Human Resources Manager, Shell Puget Sound Refinery), Carole Straathof (Fundraising Committee chairperson) and Kimberly Bell (Resource Development Coordinator).

Shell LogoFred Meyer

We also thank all those who made donations towards our event and auction packages: American Tugs/Tomco Marine Group, Anthony's at Cap Santé Boat Haven, Coastal Falcons (Brad Felger), Chuckanut Manor Seafood & Grill, Creative Surfaces, Deception Distillery, Kelley's Southern Pit BBQ, Lafayette Gardens, Nell Thorn Restaurant, Photographer Lee Mann's Family, San Juan Aviation, and See Eye Care & Wear. Thanks as well to all those who will be hosting parties for the auction packages 36 Twenty + 3 Committee, George Roth & Don Elliott, Olivia & Dr. Jim Cornwell, Renee & Jim Matthews, Teresa & Lynn Pugh, and Vicki & Brad Jevons.

Many thanks as well go out to all those who volunteered their time and talents in preparing for the auction and the night of the event. A special thanks to one of our newest Partner Family's Echo Housler for sharing her story with our guests and the Skagit State Bank employees: Becky Taft, Carrie Wallace, Gail Brown, Kristia Poppe, Mary Fine, Sally Mills and Stacie Oaks; who handled guest registration/check out and recording bids for the auction. And thanks go out to Dawn New and John Milnor of Skagit Habitat, and James and Mary Valenzuela for providing a home-cooked meal for our volunteers during the auction as well as our Volunteer Coordinator Shirllynne Tuggle for delegating tasks to all our volunteers for the evening. And a final thank you to Jackie Huerta and the Swinomish Casino and Lodge and 13moons staff that helped out that evening.

Kimberly Bell Resource Development Coordinator
Skagit Habitat for Humanity


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“I was a new single mom (who) had never been accountable or had any responsibility before.”  Mandi says, “If it wasn’t for Community Action Agency of Skagit County’s Job Connections Program and my placement at Skagit Habitat for Humanity; I probably wouldn’t be working I would have given up.  They helped me believe I could do this; I have confidence in myself for the first time as an adult living life on life’s terms.  I’ve learned to be ethical and responsible and independent.”

-Mandi Walters

UPDATE:  Mandi has since been hired as a permanent employee as cashier at Skagit Habitat for Humanity!



Jeff Anderson has been a volunteer at the Skagit Habitat for Humanity Store since August of 2013 and averages about 30 hours each week. Being involved with the Habitat Store has been a blessing to Jeff in many ways. Jeff has been disabled (due to epilepsy since he was younger, but he has always been an active person who loves to do landscaping, spend time outdoors and play with his grandson and family.

Jeff suffered a pretty serious stroke in October 2011 and the road to recovery has been a long one.  His life came to a halt, his activities were all of a sudden limited and he had difficulty walking, speaking, and reading as well as holding simple things like a cup.  In June of 2012, he moved from Idaho to live in Burlington with his daughter and her family. He was able to continue therapy and his quality of life improved some, but he was always looking for something more, a way to return to “normal”, he was depressed not living his former active life.

Now, Jeff gets to give back to the community with his volunteer hours and as a result of his time spent volunteering his speech, dexterity, social skills and motor skills have improved greatly. This is truly a blessing to Jeff and his family.

-Marissa Gummere
(Jeff’s Daughter)

UPDATE:  Jeff continues to volunteer at Skagit Habitat for Humanity and has become a key link for sorting and pricing donations before they can get to the sales floor!



Before I worked at the Skagit Habitat for Humanity Store I was unemployed, and without a high school diploma. I went through a program with WorkSource, where they paid me to learn what I needed to earn my GED. Part of the program was a paid internship for 12 weeks to get some work experience. I was given a list of options, and when I saw Habitat for Humanity, I thought, "That sounds like hard work!" Yet at the same time I figured it would be giving back to the community and making the world a better place.
When I first started working at Habitat I was working 20 hours a week, and going to school 20 hours a week. The first thing I realized was that I grossly underestimated how hard the work would be. I was constantly doing physical, active labor. I was always exhausted at the end of the day, my muscles hurt, and I started to think I had made the wrong choice in job placement. After a couple days however, things started to get easier, I got stronger, and I lost a little weight. The employees at Habitat all noticed how hard I worked and constantly commented on that, encouraging me at the same time. I started enjoying working there. Every day, I got a little stronger, I got better with customer service, and I built a strong work ethic. Once week 10 came around, I had my GED, and I was working 40 hours a week at Habitat. I started looking for other work on the side, because I knew that my internship would end soon.
By the time week 12 had passed, I still hadn't found a job. I asked for an extension on my internship and was granted another 2 weeks. By that time there were 4 full time employees on the sales floor, and most everyday they had to rely on extra volunteers to close on time. When my internship ended, I asked the Executive Director, Teresa Pugh about this staffing challenge and was hoping they'd hire me. Even though she agreed with me, there wasn’t enough funding to hire another employee; there was nothing she could do. I still hadn't found a job, so I started volunteering everyday full-time to help these over-worked employees. After about 5 weeks of volunteering, I got a seasonal job at Fred Meyer. I was happy I finally found a job, but at the same time I was worried about my co-workers at the Skagit Habitat Store.
Working at Skagit Habitat for Humanity taught me so much. It taught me proper customer service. It taught me how to work as part of a team, and it instilled in me a very good work ethic. I'm really happy I chose to work at Habitat. However, I still worry about the reliance on volunteers to meet their customers’ needs. I hope they can find funding to run their store with full efficiency, and continue to raise the money they need to build homes for low income families of Skagit County.

-Michael Hatcher

UPDATE:  Michael has since been hired as a permanent employee as sales floor/warehouse at Skagit Habitat for Humanity!



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Progress on our current home!

We are currently working on a single-family home in La Conner for the Baer Family!

See more progress photos on our Facebook page here








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We are currently building in La Conner!

Go to VolunteerUp for specifics and to sign up to work.

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The Skagit Habitat for Humanity Store is open for business Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, and donations are only accepted during business hours before 5:30 PM.  The Store address is 1022 Riverside Drive in Mount Vernon.  Click on the link below to find the location of the store.

Map to location of the new Skagit Habitat for Humanity Store


"Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain."
Psalm 127:1